Virtuatherapy uses Counselling-Hypnotherapy, breathing, and focused states of mind to help the listener achieve the goals they want in their lives. These are unique methods that the listener can use at home, at a self-directed pace.

About Us:


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To the left is a photo of our Hypnotherapist, John-Paul Gagliano [C.Ht.]. John-Paul is the Voice and Writer for each of the sessions. He is a Certified Counselling-Hypnotherapist, and also a member of the IACH (International Association of Counselling-Hypnotherapists).

Inspired by the beautiful West Coast of Canada, Virtuatherapy was first launched in June 2009, and recently celebrated it’s relaunch on January 21st, 2011. VirtuaTherapy was then approved on ClickBank’s Affiliate Network on April 14th 2011. Keep in touch with us...