“Breathing, awareness, feelings, sensations, and of course, our thoughts; these are the best ways to understand and improve ourselves.”


All for One Discount...

If you feel that you are interested in more than one of our topics, then we are happy to offer All of Virtuatherapy’s Mp3 Sessions for a one-time discounted rate.

  1.     Creative Inspiration (3 Sessions)

  2.     Quit Smoking (5 Sessions)

  3.     Sleep Right (3 Sessions)

  4.     Self-Image Enhancer (3 Sessions)

  5.     Factorial Breathing (7 Mp3s)

  6.     4 PDF Workbooks

  7.     Email Support


1. VirtuaTherapy Accesses your Subconscious Mind...

VirtuaTherapy uses Hypnotherapy to help you move within yourself, accessing the deepest workings of your mind called the Subconscious. Within our Subconscious Mind we hold our truest motivations, beliefs, memories, child-hood experiences, and more...

By helping you to access your Subconscious Mind safely and efficiently, VirtuaTherapy enables you to eliminate bad habits, adjust current habits, and even change your beliefs to match the lifestyle you want and deserve.

  1. 2.VirtuaTherapy exercises Pavlovian Conditioning...

Do you remember the Russian Psychologist who was famous for ringing a bell to make his dog salivate and drool? Seems very unrelated to the workings of Virtuatherapy, but believe it or not the same principles apply here...

When you listen to these Mp3s, you are teaching your mind to form a natural reaction and learn how you want to change. By listening once a day, or a few times a week you are teaching yourself through “conditioning” to naturally make the changes. This is what helps to make the changes feel effortless and gradual.

  1. 3.VirtuaTherapy gives you What you need, When you need it!

When you feel the need to boost your creativity, conquer negative thought patterns, completely quit smoking, or fall asleep naturally - That is exactly when you need VirtuaTherapy... By downloading our Sessions, you can equip your Mp3 Player and computer with everything you need for that boost - wherever and whenever you need it!

An Experience is worth a thousand words... 

Why is VirtuaTherapy Effective?

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14 Sessions  312 Minutes

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