It is important that you are in a comfortable and quiet environment without any distractions; especially distractions that you can hear. We recommend that you either use headphones, earphones, or a home sound system to play each MP3. This is to ensure that you hear all the ranges of sound. Listening at about half (50%) volume is also important, as you won’t want to interrupt your session to adjust the volume; it is better that it is playing too soft than too loud. For every time that you listen to a session, ensure that it is a time that you can set aside for yourself and for your enjoyment.

Do not listen to any of the MP3s while driving or operating any sort of machinery or appliances. Each session is intended to induce an exceptionally relaxed state of mind, so please use them wisely and with caution. For example, maybe you would like to listen to a session while riding a bus, but you could miss your stop if you fully engage in the session.

As it has been outlined above, these sessions are intended to improve the wellbeing of the listener. Virtuatherapy makes no permanent claims about the use of hypnotherapy or hypnosis as a guaranteed or “instant-fix” treatment. Each person’s psyche is unique and will respond differently to each session. The intention is to help, assist, and guide the listener to a healthier lifestyle. If you have a history of mental illness, or psychological instability, please consult your physician before using any sessions by Virtuatherapy. Thank you for your cooperation. Any questions can be directed to:



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