Why you will notice the difference...

Factorial breathing is more than a breathing exercise, it uses your mind, body and full attention - strengthening your self as a whole. Now you can relieve anxiety and nervous tension quickly and easily. Afterwards you will notice yourself feeling balanced, carrying a positive mood to lighten and empower your day.

Everyone needs a way to release the subconscious tension that builds up from our daily stresses and emotions. Using this specific breathing method is the most effective way to capture and release these points within the mind and body. Free Yourself of  Negative Thinking.

7 MP3s  65 Minutes

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Mind Clearing and Body Energizing, this is a whole new way to Breathe...

  1. Bullet Free Yourself of Negative Thinking

  2. Bullet Increase Breathing and Lung Capacity

  3. Bullet Improve Circulation

  4. Bullet Achieve Psychological Balance

  5. Bullet Experience Mental Clarity

  6. Bullet Feel Energized After Every Use


Introduction (Mp3)

Lessons 1 - 3  (Mp3)

Sessions 1 - 3  (Mp3)

Workbook (PDF)


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We know you are committed to your health, personal goals, and your future... and that is exactly why you are here at VirtuaTherapy. Health can be a long-term focus, and maintaining a strong mind-body connection is essential, if we set our minds to it, and take the appropriate steps in the right direction.

Factorial Breathing Includes:

Introduction (Mp3)

Lessons 1 (Mp3)

Lessons 2 (Mp3)

Lessons 3 (Mp3)

Sessions 1  (Mp3)

Sessions 2  (Mp3)

Sessions 3  (Mp3)

Workbook (PDF)

The Health Benefits you can feel right away...

Increase Your Lung Capacity. Factorial Breathing is designed to give you a higher lung capacity, which enables your body to distribute more oxygen to all of your bodies systems (nervous, respiratory, digestive, etc). You will also notice a higher physical stamina, and the ability to manage your breathing, and keep in control.

Improved Quality of Circulation. By controlling your breathing in these specific ways, you can open the capillaries in your skin, for an even brighter appearance and tone. Also improve your circulation for other aspects of physical performance and stamina.

Achieve Psychological Balance and Clarity.

There is great debate in the Scientific Community in regards to the human energy field, simply because of the difficulty in how to measure an all encompassing influence. However, its practical application has been used for many years in alternative treatments like Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Qigong and Hypnotherapy.

Factorial Breathing has the ability to awaken these energy centres that are working together, right now, in your body and mind. Recent Scientific discovery supports that these Energy Centres from Ancient Mysticism (usually called Chakras) have corresponding Neural Centres called Ganglia. For example, there is the Thoracic Ganglion located in the chest, particularly responsible for feelings regarding relationships and empathy.

See diagram on the left for examples of other Centres/Ganglia.

How to use Factorial Breathing to Enhance your Daily Life:

Download all the Sessions, Lessons (MP3s) and Work-Book (PDF). Listen to each lesson for each session so that you can practice the exercises properly for optimum health results.

We offer ongoing Email Support to help you reach your goals of health and happiness.

Factorial Breathing

7 MP3s    65 minutes