Session One (mp3 download)

Session One of the Self-Image Enhancer focuses on helping you to discover a new and powerful tool called Trance. Noticing the peace you feel in Trance is the first step to adjusting your self-esteem.

Session Two (mp3 download)

The second session has a unique approach to helping you improve how you feel about yourself. You will learn about affirmations, and how you can use what you say to balance your emotions, and perspectives.


Session Three (mp3 download)

The third session finishes the work you have been doing on your feelings. You will experience changes in your motivation during Trance, truly feeling and understanding your highest needs. More Tips are provided to keep up your Mind and Body Connection.

Work-Book PDF (optional)

The Self-Image Enhancer Work-Book is an optional guide to help you progress through Sessions One, Two, and Three. It can help you to reflect and gain further insights...  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Here.

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We are here to answer your questions and help you progress through the Sessions and Work-book; improving your self-image is our motivation!

3 Sessions  70 Minutes

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Self-Image Enhancer by Virtuatherapy is for those of us who are having a hard time seeing ourselves positively on a regular basis. Day after day of doubting ourselves can be exhausting, and even confusing. And very importantly, long term negative self-image can become a health hazard! By using Self-Image Enhancer, you can relax your way into a new state of mind through breathing and Hypnotherapy. Sometimes all it really takes is to relax past the mental or emotional blocks that we are facing, and simply allow your sub-conscious mind to do all the rest...

Self-Image Enhancer can enable you to see yourself positively again... People of all ages can use these Mp3s to clear and relax your mind and body. And more importantly, you can begin to really understand, and even adjust your feelings around your self-image.

Don’t wait to try Self-Image Enhancer, it is a natural way to improve your self-esteem, and relieve the distracting feelings you might have about your image. After you download the Three Mp3 Sessions, you can use them as many times as you like. As well, a PDF Workbook (optional) is included to compliment the Mp3s if you are the kind of person who absorbs your personal changes through writing and reflecting.

Check out the Self-Image Enhancer Sessions described below, and don’t forget to Try Our Free Session Mp3 Called What is Trance! Have you ever experienced Trance before? Experiencing Trance is very common for a normal day... Trance is a bit like a day dream, and something like a real dream too. However, when you can access this state of mind on purpose, it expands your personal limits, and enhances your ability to completely relax and feel healthy!

  1. Bullet Feel changes as they happen

  2. Bullet Use Affirmations to adjust your perception

  3. Bullet Use Trance to increase motivation

  4. Bullet Gain new insights about your self-image

  5. Bullet See yourself clearly and realistically

  6. Bullet Feel better starting today


Session One (Mp3)

Session Two (Mp3)

Session Three (Mp3)

Workbook (PDF)


Why is VirtuaTherapy Effective?

1. VirtuaTherapy Accesses your Subconscious Mind...

VirtuaTherapy uses Hypnotherapy to help you move within yourself, accessing the deepest workings of your mind called the Subconscious. Within our Subconscious Mind we hold our truest motivations, beliefs, memories, child-hood experiences, and more...

By helping you to access your Subconscious Mind safely and efficiently, VirtuaTherapy enables you to eliminate bad habits, adjust current habits, and even change your beliefs to match the lifestyle you want and deserve.

  1. 2.VirtuaTherapy exercises Pavlovian Conditioning...

Do you remember the Russian Psychologist who was famous for ringing a bell to make his dog salivate and drool? Seems very unrelated to the workings of Virtuatherapy, but believe it or not the same principles apply here...

When you listen to these Mp3s, you are teaching your mind to form a natural reaction and learn how you want to change. By listening once a day, or a few times a week you are teaching yourself through “conditioning” to naturally make the changes. This is what helps to make the changes feel effortless and gradual.

  1. 3.VirtuaTherapy gives you What you need, When you need it!

When you notice negative thought patterns take over, feeling depressed about your identity, and when you really don’t feel connected to your body... That is exactly when you need the Self-Image Enhancer. You can equip your Mp3 Player and computer with VirtuaTherapy - wherever and whenever you need it!

An Experience is worth a thousand words...

Don’t be bullied by your

You are in charge of your feelings, starting today...


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We know you are committed to your health, personal goals, and your future... and that is exactly why you are here at VirtuaTherapy. Health can be a long-term focus, and maintaining a strong mind-body connection is essential, if we set our minds to it, and take the appropriate steps in the right direction.

Just like anything that has long-term value, there is a cost. Whether that cost is for organic produce from the grocery store, a reliable wellness treatment like massage therapy, or for one of our Programs, like Self-Image Enhancer for example.

We understand that times are harder than ever for the Working Class, making ends meet, and providing for yourself and your family. That is exactly why VirtuaTherapy is providing the Services we do:  Affordable Therapy for a Busy Lifestyle...

Your satisfaction is important to us, so we have decided to offer you, for each of our programs, a 60 day money back guarantee. We want you to reach your goals. Don’t forget to send us an email if you need some extra support, or help with the program. Relax when you set time aside, and simply notice the changes you feel...

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