Session One (mp3 download) 15 minutes

Session One of the Sleep Right program focuses on helping you find new and effective ways to prepare yourself for a full night’s rest. This session also gives you tips so that you are fully ready for the next two sessions.

Session Two (mp3 download) 27 minutes

Session Two of the Sleep Right program has a unique approach to helping you fall asleep quickly with a guided meditation. When you listen, you will move deeply into a Trance that will clear your mind, and relax your body. This is a very effective natural sleep aid.


Session Three (mp3 download) 30 minutes

The third session is also a natural sleep aid, but gives a few more tips about dreams and understanding their purposes in our lives. Then you can begin to relax deeply to a guided meditation, designed to help stimulate dreaming and a peaceful night’s rest.

Work-Book PDF (optional)

The Sleep Right Work-Book is an optional guide to help you progress through Sessions One, Two, and Three. It can help you to reflect and gain further insights...  To view this, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, get it here.

Email Support

We are here to answer your questions and help you progress through the Sessions and Work-book; helping you fall asleep is our motivation!

3 Sessions  72 Minutes

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Would you like to fall asleep peacefully tonight?

Use Virtuatherapy’s Sleep Right Mp3s to create a peaceful mindset and relaxed body as you drift off to a rejuvenating night’s rest. We know why you are here, so we want to give it to you.

Allow yourself to breathe in, but try to breathe in more deeply than normal. Now exhale, almost like you are releasing a sigh...

This is exactly the beginning of how we will help you fall asleep more quickly and peacefully tonight. By using either of our high quality Mp3s as your sleeping tool, you can experience improved sleep health and energy levels, and save yourself from using any toxic alternatives.

  1. Bullet Prepare your body and mind for sleep

  2. Bullet Release physical tensions in your body

  3. Bullet Help to clear your mind completely

  4. Bullet Use breathing to relax very deeply

  5. Bullet Gain new insights about dreaming

  6. Bullet Feel energized from a full night’s rest

  7. Bullet Fall asleep naturally!


Session One (Mp3)

Session Two (Mp3)

Session Three (Mp3)

Workbook (PDF)


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Your satisfaction is important to us, so we have decided to offer you, for each of our programs, a 14 day money back guarantee. Don’t forget to send us an email if you need some extra support, or help with the program. Relax when you set time aside, and simply notice the changes you feel...

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We know you are committed to your health, personal goals, and your future... and that is exactly why you are here at VirtuaTherapy. Health can be a long-term focus, and maintaining a strong mind-body connection is essential, if we set our minds to it, and take the appropriate steps in the right direction.

Sleep Right Includes:

Session One (Mp3)

Session Two (Mp3)

Session Three (Mp3)

Workbook (PDF)




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